Welcome, visitor.

You've come in order to see an ASCII Art Matrix Animation, well, I could just show it, or not.

Why not ? Because this doesn't belong to me, I hosted this file cause I got it via email and wanted
to show it to my friends over the web, but they gave away this link, and it became huge, I mean,
almost all my website trafic and incoming links are for this ASCII Matrix, and I just can't honestly
stay like it was mine.

It is not.

This file was created by Mic Barendsz, and I can't find his website around the net, anyway, you can
still visit this one, dedicated to ASCII animation, which is not my website's purpose.

I'm also not an awful bastard, so I keep mirroring the ASCII Matrix movie here (Sorry no more bandwith, the file is huge for my small hosting plan so it's on archive.org now, thank you @williamsonj for the tip.) but please,
if you want to link it, link this self page (http://www.justbewise.net/matrix.html) just in order to
make things right for the authors and for me.

Thank you a lot, and if you're french, you can still visit my blog !